Sunday Happenings

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a baptism today after Liturgy. Baptisms are always fun and filled with all sorts of things they don’t teach you about in seminary. For example, if baptizing a boy face him away from you when you take him out of the water or… So it is things like that to look forward too.
Yesterday it hit 90 degrees here. That was not so bad except for the humidity. I have not been to the church yet this morning but I can only imagine what the temperature is in there. I am planning on a short meditation in place of my homily today as the heat will be getting to everyone. They are not comforted by my usual, “it is much better to be hot here then hereafter.” I don’t understand why they don’t like that.
I traveled to North Kingston, RI yesterday to attend the Rhode Island Military Vehicle Collectors Club Show held at the Quonset Air Museum. If you are in Southern New England and looking for something to do drop in on them for a little air history. I did not stay long as all of the exhibits were outside and I do not do well in the heat. So I came back to the Village and wrote some letters and got ready for today.
Happy Sunday all.


  1. LOL! Ah, the vision of what must have happened the first time you baptized a boy!

    When our dear priest baptized a little girl, he didn’t run into directional problems. The poor mother was mortified. Of course, we of the laity had huge grins from ear to ear, commenting on how not only was the little one baptized but Father was again! LOL!

    Hang on tight!

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