Halloween Candy

When I was a kid I used to go out trick or treating on Halloween just like millions of kids all over the place. In those day you might even get a candy apple or a brownie or something that was not in a wrapper. We all felt safe and we knew everyone and everyone knew you. I remember the first year I was allowed to go on my own.
Now I find this story in the news about some maniac in Leicester, Massachusetts who put a piece of metal in the candy they were passing out. Lucky for the 10 year old girl that found it it did not hurt her and a call went out to all parents to check their candy. Guess what, three more were found. Police set up metal detectors so parents could bring in the candy to have it checked. What a sick world we live in. If there was ever time for a revolution this is the time. We need a moral revolution and we Christians need to rise up. I recall a line from the movie broadcast news from years back. “I’m as mad a hell and I am not going to take it anymore!”


  1. when i was a kid they used to have razor blade scares in kids candy. some people are just a bunch of sickos. im sure they’ll find out who did this. it’s harder to commit crimes and get away with them now days. anne

  2. I don’t remember what town it was, but a nearby Police Station opened its doors for Trick or Treaters. Good idea! And in Brimfield they have “trunk or treat” with vehicles parked around the Common and passing out candy.
    Maybe you could post something about going from Halowe’en, IGNORING Thanksgiving, and setting up for Christmas shopping on Nov. 1st.

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