Fire Update

I spent a few hours yesterday getting my truck back in service after the fire the other night. I also noticed that my comments on the fire brought in the most hits on this blog and the most comments on a single posting since I began this blog. I want to thank all of you for your comments and those who did not comment thanks for reading my words.

My good friend and department photographer Alan Bracket has a website of photos of various fires in the area. Alan is a retired fire fighter from Sturbridge, Massachusetts and he takes photo’s for our department and others. Here is a link to his photos of the fire the other night. If you look close you can even see pics of me. I am the one with the cross on his helmet standing around with nothing to do! Anyway thanks to Alan for taking the pics and sharing them.

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  1. Pictures 168,170, 172 and 179 are just frightening. These guys are just right under the fire or the smoke is pouring out around them!

    God protect them! And you Fr. Peter.

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