I have not really commented on politics during this election cycle. I do not feel that as a priest I should be making such comments. However, yesterday was a big day in politics with the departure of Rudy Guliani and John Edwards it looks like the race is down to two on each side. I know that there are still some others in there but the field will soon be a little smaller.

Super Tuesday is upon us and I think we will see more departures from the field and then I will start paying attention. It is very difficult when all these people are running to select a candidate that I like. I will make one comment. Don’t listen to the talking heads. Read for yourself what the candidates say, this is too important to leave it to the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Bill O’Riley. Far and Balenced are words that should never be used for the news because it is anything but fair and balenced. Read and study what the candidates say, watch the debates, read their websites. Don’t take someone elses word for it. Do your homework you have to do atleast that much before you pull the lever, poke the hole, draw the line, check the box, fill in the bubble or whatever else we do on election day. Take an hour, turn off American Idol, and pay attention!

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