The Day After

So all the counting is over and we still do not have clear front runners although it looks like John McCain is moving forward. I find this very interesting this year. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Deval Patrick all backed Sen. Obama and what happened in Massachusetts, Hillary Clinton took the state and by a wide margin. On the Republican side most of the big Republicans in this state backed John McCain and what happened Mitt Romney took the state by a big margin. So does this mean that the political heavy weights carry no more weight? Actually it looks like the electorate is actually voting for themselves. So a long season ahead I think.
On another note, our Western Brothers and Sisters enter Lent today. I wish you all well as the journey begins, and hey if you mess it up or want a do over, join us for our Lent when that starts and do it all again?
Spell Check still not working so stuff might be spelled wrong!


  1. Quick qeustion…do Western Rite Orthodox Churches begin lent today (Ash Wed.) or do they wait for the Orthodox date?

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