Today, if you have been living under a rock, is Super Tuesday and if you live in Massachusetts or the other 24 states that vote today go and vote. 1.3 million people in Massachusetts are expected to vote today and your host is one of them. I have a funeral this morning and then the mercy meal after but then it is off to vote. Still not sure who for yet but I have some time. Tonight I will watch the results come in. I like to do that and on election night I even have a little map that I like to color in. I guess I am kind of an election geek but it could be worse.

So a funeral today. This is very rare here. I usually do not have funerals in this parish but this year I have had two already. Since I do not have the opportunity to celebrate a funeral I spent a little time after the wake last night to look over the service. It is raining here and that always makes for a bad time at the cemetery. The man who died had been a firefighter so a truck will be here at the church and they stood guard last night at the funeral home, very nice.

I hope to get a podcast recorded today and try to stay on schedule as best I can with the once a week recording but it gets difficult from time to time to stay on schedule. I have also begun teaching again so I have class to prepare for both on Wednesday, Bible study, and Thursday General Psychology at Nichols College. Busy week.

Take a few moments today and go VOTE!

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