Catch Up

It has been a while since I wrote anything here so I thought I would jot a few words down before Liturgy this morning. I have been sick for about a month and I think I am finally coming out of it. My voice has returned and I am starting to feel better. I think part of it is because the weather is getting better here in New England as well. Yesterday Onchu and I spent sometime outside, it was wonderful. I was also able to get the rectory cleaned and do some laundry. I am taking the next few days off and going to my parents house, they are still in Florida until Wednesday, so I will have the place to myself. I like to get away every once in a while to read and write and get ahead on some homilies for the coming weeks. Although I usually end up laying on the sofa and watch TV. This time I am going to try and get something done.

What has been going on around here? Friday we had our Annual Ham Party and we did not have a great crowd. I am not sure what to do about this event. However those who came had a good time. We also served Corned Beef and Cabbage, prepared by your host, and everyone said they liked it. Maybe they were just saying that who knows, but there was not much left over. Yesterday, as I noted above was a good day and Vespers last night brought in more people than we have had in the past. It is nice to have more than three people at vespers. Today I get sort of a day off. Sunday of Orthodoxy here in Worcester County is a big deal. All 12 Orthodox Churches gather together in once place, with one of our Bishops, for a combined Liturgy. I have mixed feelings about this Liturgy. Most of my parishioners will not attend so they will not attend Church on this important first Sunday of Lent. So what to do? Anyway His Grace Bishop Nikon of the OCA and a very good friend of mine, will preside. I understand he is a little under the weather as well and will not serve the Liturgy. So there will be more priests than you can shake a stick at, and big procession at the end with all the Icons. Its fun, holy, peaceful, and I don’t have to preach!

This week will start off slow then get busy. Like I said I am off for a few days but a working break. On Tuesday I have a Chaplains meeting at Harvard University and Wednesday one of my spiritual children will be here to see me. Wednesday night is Presanctified Liturgy here at St. Michael’s and the rest will have to wait for another post.

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