Round Up

Yesterday was a rather busy day here in Village. It began with a funeral for a long time parishioner. This was a difficult one. About 3 months ago I did a funeral for the same family and this one took a toll on them. After the funeral, as is the custom here, we went to a local restaurant for the mercy meal. After I was back in the office preparing for Liturgy today.

We had Vespers as usual but a half hour early to give me enough time to leave here and go celebrate the Easter Vigil with a friend of mine. I know it is not Orthodox Easter yet, but it was nice to worship and not have to worry about the heat or my sermon or anything but worship it was a great experience but I got home way to late. So in bed after midnight and then up at 6am for Liturgy today. After liturgy and coffee hour I am off to the rents house to have dinner with the family and to spend a few days in rest. I did this last week and I was able to get a lot of reading done so it was well worth the journey. But I will have to cut it short as I have a funeral for a fellow fire chaplain on Tuesday.

As I write this from my office here in the Village the sun is streaming through the window but it is only 25 degrees out there. I know March is almost over and April is right around the corner but I cannot wait for the warm weather to get here. It is nice to be able to go out and feel the rays of the sun and it also means the lake house will be open soon. That brings to mind all the work that will take to open. Oh man I am tired already.

To my Western Christian readers Christ is Risen! To my Orthodox readers, hang in there it will be our turn soon. Just think, tomorrow we can get the Easter candy on Sale!


  1. “mercy meal”

    I’ve never heard of that term before but it seems apropo.

    Thank you for adding a new term to my vocabulary.

    Hope you have a good rest.

  2. Thank you, my friend. And I will make every effort to wish you a Happy and Blessed Pascha when that day comes 33 days from now… 33? Interesting that it would be that number of days, isn’t it? 🙂

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