10 May ~ St. Gordian

At the head of the long and beautiful valley of the Manor Water in Peeblesshire there stood, until the eighteenth century, a seemly little parish kirk dedicated to an obscure Roman saint and martyr of the second or third century. This was the lad Gordianus or Gorgham whose name appeared as a martyr alongside St. Epimachus but about whom nothing seemed to be known. It was said they were victims of the apostate Emperor Julian. The surviving acts of these saints, Forbes suggests, are legendary and worthless. He even suggests the dedication of the church in Manor Valley might have been to a different figure, the eunuch of the palace, Gorgon.

The old church survived till the eighteenth century when no other then Walter Scott’s father was instrumental in having it demolished to provide road material. A few furnishings, it was said, were removed to the new church down the valley.

Saints of Scotland, Edwin Sprott Towill

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  1. Are you referring to the site that is enclosed by a stone wall, and has a stone cross? There is an excerpt from the Will of Margaret Stewart beneath the cross…

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