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AAA is reporting that gas prices have risen again and the average is $3.72/ gallon. Just to put this in perspective I heard on the BBC yesterday that Diesel Fuel in the Highlands of Scotland cost 1.40 (that’s one Pound 40) per liter. Now I believe there are 4 liters to the gallon and the dollar is twice as much as the pound. So we are looking at $2.40 per liter times 4 equal $11.20 per gallon. Now my truck has a 14 gallon tank (gas mind you) it would cost $156.80 to fill my tank! Dang! So I guess $3.72 per gallon is not that bad after all.

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  1. It would be a problem if you had to take over $50.00 out of your pay a week, commuting. That does not include parking, and tolls and etc.

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