Edwards rules out possibility of vice presidential run with Obama

This must be a blow to Obama. This would have made things a little easier for him at the convention. Oh well it will be good TV if they fight it out on the floor of the convention.


When John Edwards and Barack Obama appeared on stage together Wednesday night in Michigan for the former North Carolina senator’s official blessing of the Democratic front-runner, some pundits and Democrats wondered aloud whether they were seeing the Democratic ticket.

But yesterday Edwards seemed to rule out a sequel of his 2004 vice presidential run.
“No, no, no, won’t happen,” he said on NBC’s “Today” show.

Pressed further, he replied, “It is not something I’m interested in.”

Asked about whether he has talked to Obama about a job in his administration, Edwards said “only in the abstract way,” and refused to say whether he was interested in being attorney general.

From www.boston.com

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