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Yesterday I went to the market to get a few things that I needed and I spent $62 on two small bags of groceries that is crazy I think. The food prices are not going to come down anytime soon and we are not yet into the farm stand season for stuff. I had a thought about community gardens and how the church could play a roll in this.

Here in the village the church has a great piece of property and I was thinking we could use some of that land for a community garden. Here is how I would see it work. Gather a few folks how would be interested and pool resources and plant the garden with all sorts of things that we would eat. We would take turns tending to the garden, and at the same time building community. At harvest time we would spread out the bounty between those that worked the garden.

First off the area I am thinking off is all grass and we have to pay someone to mow it, so if we turned it under and planted it it could save the church money. As I just mentioned it would also build community, something we can use here for sure. Any left over could be given to the food bank for distribution. Of course I would want it to be organic.

I mentioned this to someone yesterday and they thought it was a very communist idea, well we have to do something…


  1. My theory back in Problems of Democracy class, in the ’60s. Is it not the way life ought to be? Problem is, gardening isn’t easy and is expensive, especially if you have to pay for plants, water, insect control, and fertilizer. Then, you only have to worry about the competition, slugs, rabbits or other animals. Purchasing a fense? Next, a good mix of weather, in which you have no control over. Labor??? Canning is fun and profitable. Almost sounds like a necessity as prices soar doesn’t it? LAD (patio tomatoes are nice)

  2. i think this is a really good idea. i don’t know how someone can say this is a communist idea back in ww2 my mother told me about victory gardens. my father was raised on a farm at the end of growing season the neighbors would all get together with their extra produce they grew and spent the whole day canning then they would exchange with each other so every one got something they needed in the end.l.n.

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