Peacekeepers accused of sexual abuse of children

So if things were not bad enough for these poor people now we have this!

UNITED NATIONS – The British-based aid agency Save the Children UK said in a report released yesterday that it has uncovered evidence of widespread sexual abuse of children at the hands of peacekeepers and international aid workers in war zones and disaster areas.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, expressing “deep concern,” said the United Nations will investigate the allegations that its peacekeepers are involved in the abuse.

The report, based on field research in southern Sudan, Ivory Coast, and Haiti, describes a litany of sexual crimes committed by peacekeepers and relief workers against children as young as 6.
It said some children were denied food aid unless they granted sexual favors; others were forced to have sex or to take part in child pornography; many more were subjected to improper touching or kissing.

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  1. in my job i work will many people who are from africa and the sudan. i can tell you many of them do not like to talk about their home land and see this country has their haven of freedom and safety.they are mostly very kind loving people with a very strong work ethic and many work at several jobs so they can have what we born in this country have and can send money back home. anne

  2. The punishment I think would be to do the same thing to them. God is watching!

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