With aid of technology, preaching to the wired

Now we just need to move the Orthodox Church into the 21st century, oh wait let’s move into the 20th century first!

NEWTON – Saying evangelicals have gotten too far ahead of mainline Protestants in the use of technology to reach out to the unchurched, a liberal Protestant seminary here is launching a new program to train future clergy in high-tech evangelization.

The seminary, Andover Newton Theological School, is joining the Massachusetts Bible Society in establishing a media center that will also coach pastors on creating better websites and podcasts, train seminarians on the liturgical uses of video, and offer material on biblical interpretation to congregations and clergy around the country.

The two venerable organizations – Andover Newton says it is the oldest graduate theological institution in the nation, while the Massachusetts Bible Society has been distributing Bibles for 199 years – are trying to reinvent themselves for the modern era.

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  1. The internet is a great teacher! Even better when you add interaction, (questions & comments). I wonder if people who receive their Liturgy via TV or internet, would desire to venture into the community of the Church, although convenient? Interaction with the worshiping body of the Church, the caring and social, working aspect is also needed. Unless the priest is considering home delivery of Communion, as they do for shut-ins and the ill? Who knows where were headed. Others who may not hear the gospel message otherwise, may given an opportunity here.

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