If you have been following me on Twitter then you know I have been watching the West Wing the last few days. I love this show and when there is nothing on the tube I like to throw a DVD in and watch a few episodes.

In one of the episodes I watched last night the issue of suicide came up. Actually it was Physician Assisted Suicide that came up. Do we have the right to die? The Constitution of the United States says that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it says nothing about death. So do we have a constitutional right to end our life? Do we have the right to choose the kind of death we will have? We are all going to die the only question is how and when.

I know there is a religious argument to be made here about suicide and the churches position on this. SCOBA released a statement last year on this and I am going to use that as the basis for this discussion I hope we will be able to have. I am not challenging the churches position on this just asking the question.

I have had pets in my life, and I have one right now. If something was to happen to him we would not hesitate to spare him great suffering and put him to sleep. Why is it that when this same question comes up regrading humans we get all jiggy about it? (jiggy is a technical theological term)

As always I am looking for comments but please be kind or you will face the delete button. I would be interested in hearing from people who know of one who has committed suicide and is willing to share their thoughts on the issue. Anonymous comments are always welcome but please use your first name at least when leaving a comment.

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  1. my brother comitted suicide,he was 25 years old and older then me. he has been gone since 1978 and to this day i still live with the pain.i beleave that the right to die is a personal thing and if you choose to take your life you need to understand what you will be putting your family members through.
    i beleave everyone has the right to die with dignity and being hooked up to machines is not very dignified.anne

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