Romanian Unity

Back in the 1940’s the Romanian Orthodox Diocese in this country was torn asunder and formed two diocese. For many years the relationship was, well, less than Christian. My diocese, the one that stayed part of the canonical Orthodox Church, was known as the Communist Church and some of the members were reported to the FBI. Needless to say there is much bad blood on both side of the isle here.

Well a few years back the Dialogue Commission put forth a proposal the re-unite the two diocese back into one under the Patriarch of Romania. Well we voted and then the wheels came off the wagon. Now here we are a few years latter and the same proposal is back to be voted on at our respective gatherings next month. This is a very bold proposal that will make the Romanian truly Self-Ruled. Other have claimed that they are self ruled but we will truly be self ruled. You can read the proposal for yourself here.

I think this is a good thing because it brings unity to one group of Orthodox but at the same time we need to be working at bringing us all together. I am not sure how far this proposal will get as we have been down this road before and something, or someone, always manages to knock it off the tracks. I would ask that you pray for those involved and pray for our gatherings taking place in Chicago and Michigan during the 4th of July weekend.

I need to read the proposal a little closer but I will make some comments on it in the coming days.


  1. Fr. P. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the goings-on as one normally does not get that type of information from the pulpit. While you attempt to understand what is far and above most of us, please keep us posted. We will continue to watch and pray for a difficult and long overdue decision for a united Romanian Orthodox. Best Regards-Marie

  2. Father-
    Consider that the other Romanians are connected to the OCA which is deteriorating at a highly accelerated rate, unity may not be so far off.
    Bless your trip to the GREAT WHITE NORTH and be safe.

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