Well the day has arrived I begin my vacation after Liturgy today. I have been packing and getting things ready to leave and I should be on the road by early afternoon, I hope. I still have a few things to do here but then I am off and running.

First stop, I am off to my parents for the night. They are going to Dog sit for me whilst I am gone and then I make the move. I am off to Bar Harbor, Maine tomorrow just for the night as I get on the CAT ferry to Nova Scotia on Tuesday morning. I will be spending a few days in Halifax at the Atlantic Theological Conference and then I am off to Cape Breton. I will be returning back to the parish for Sunday the 6th of July.

I understand I will have internet access so I plan to keep you updated on my travels and other such things. I am looking forward to my time away for rest and refreshment. Please pray for my safe journey and I will pray for all of you during my time of rest.

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  1. Fr. Peter: God grant you a restful and safe journey. We thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers as we will you also.

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