Well yesterday started like any other day. I did a bit of blogging and then off to run some errands. We have a local warehouse club called BJ’s, I am not sure if those stores are everywhere or not. But I needed to pick up some things for the church and I can but in bulk there. So off I went. Parked in the usual place, went in the store, made my purchases came out and noticed that my GPS and iPod were gone. Some one had broken in my car and stolen these items. Okay I know it is partly my fault. I left the window down a little to far and I guess this wonderful member of our society was able to reach his arm, that his mother once took care to wash, and reached in a opened the door. And I left the items in the car in the first place. So I guess I deserved it a little. But it still hurts and I feel violated. The iPod was a gift so I feel really bad about loosing that. They even stole the little thing that goes in the tape deck so I can play my iPod in the car! How nice.
Needless to say I was really mad, Pissed I guess you could say. But then I started to think about it and pray about it. I have been preaching forgiveness for a while now and it was time to practice what I preach. In fact I think this will be my homily on Sunday. Forgiveness is not easy but we are called to forgive each and everyday. We are forgiven to the measure we forgive as it says in the Lord’s Prayer that we Orthodox pray at each liturgical celebration.

So now the rebuilding starts. I already purchased a new iPod and I am going to get a new GPS. I am going on vacation in a few weeks and I need it to get me where I am going. To the person who took my things if you read my blog, know that you are forgiven by me anyway. I hope you get years of enjoyment out of the items as I did.


  1. I’ve always found that when something like that happened, it was because I was going to get something better. God provides. Good luck with your new equipment. Luckily it wasn’t your vehicle. I know, it still hurts to have someone take from you. I’m sure that person does not read your blog. Its like a cycle and perhaps something will be taken from him or her. What drives people to go so low. Your willingness to forgive shows you to be the bigger person. Marie

  2. Forgiveness is a fascinating subject. Can or should you forgive someone who is not repentant? Is forgiveness something that is done for you or the other person, or both?

  3. Fr. Greg,

    I think forgiveness is for the person who forgives. The other person has to deal with that all on their own. Part of moving on is being able to forgive even if the other person is not repentant. We need to discuss this more. Maybe a good podcast topic?

  4. i have come to the point in my life where when things like this happen i think to myself maybe that person had more of a need for it then i did.its sad someone would have to go so far has to steal your things but maybe this person has a drug problem and had no control.we never know why people do what they do but thank you for being so forgiven in the end its only an object and can be replaced.anne

  5. this would be a great podcast topic. I agree that your forgiveness is strictly for you and you cannot move on in your life without it — the other person’s repentance sure does help, but not integral. There is also the fine line between forgiveness and allowing the behavior to continue.
    p.s. I live in europe and hardly ever lock my car.

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