All Saints of Scotland

I am so happy that I found this information. This is a very important work and I am glad it is now available.

Christ is shown at the top center of this icon stretching forth His arms with a blessing. In the center of the icon, standing to the left and right of the altar, are Ss. Joseph of Arimathea and Andrew the Apostle. Immediately to St. Joseph’s left are St. Paulinus, St. Palladius, St. Ternan, and St. Ninian holding a scroll that reads: “The sound has gone forth into all the earth.” In the tier above them are Ss. Moluac, Machar, Kentigern Mongo, and the fifty-two monk martyrs of Eloc with St. Donnan. Immediately to St. Andrew’s right are Ss. Fintan, Aidan of Lindesfarne, Colman, and Cuthbert wearing the bishop’s garments. In the tier above them are Ss. Cedd, Chad, Eata, Wilfrid, Ceolwulf, Eadfrith, Felgila, Ethilwald, Eadberht, and the Saints of Lindesfarne Monastery. At the front and center of the icon are the three kings and passionbearers of Deira: Ss. Edwin, Oswin, and Oswald. Immediately to their left is St. Bede of Jarrow portrayed as a scribe or historian. To St. Bede’s left is St. Columba. Behind St. Columba are Ss. Adamnan, Cummenea Ilbe, Ernan, Baithene, Sagine, Odran, Brescal, Eithne, and Patrick. Above St. Patrick is St. Kenneth. Immediately to the right of the passionbearers is the monastic St. Maelruba and Ss. Colm, Fergus, Drostan, Findlugan, Medan, and St. Donald with his nine daughters. To the right and above St. Colm is St. Cormac. The women to the right of St. Cormac are Ss. Hilda of Whitby, Ebba, Heiu, Baga of Bee, and Ethelreda. The inscription on the bottom reads: “All Saints of Scotland, Pray to God for us.”

This icon is by the hand of Paul Drozdowski of New Jersey.

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