Foot in Mouth

I have blogged in the past about the Lambeth Conference presently underway in Canterbury England. It seems that last Sunday during the homily at the Liturgy, the preacher, a bishop from India, used a Buddhist type chant to end the homily.

At first I did not give this much thought and then it got loose in the blogosphere and the people who are rather less conservative then myself got hold of the thing and went wild. Well I guess that was before the bothered to get a translation of what was said. Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburgh said the inclusion of the chant was “very, very troubling” since it was an “invocation of something other than the God we know.” So if we turn to another bishops blog we get a translation of what was actually said:

I take refuge in God the Father
I take refuge in God the Son
I take refuge in God the Holy Spirit
I take refuge in the One Triune God.

I am not sure what god Bishop Duncan believes in but I, with my limited understanding of Trinitarian Theology, find nothing wrong with this!

This is another case of people not listening. We hear something that sounds a little bit off and we have to jump on whatever we think it is without having all of the facts. Now I have done this myself and have felt very foolish after the fact.

I am not very surprised however that Bishop Duncan has made no statement regrading this since!

h/t to Huw and Bishop Alan

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  1. It’s okay – we all do that once in a while (in my case, way more than I should). It’s part of what makes us human, I think.

    Cheers, my friend.

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