1. fr.peter tell fr. greg the next time he cuts himself he needs to put a pressure dressing on it and if it dosen’t stop bleeding get to the hospital because you have many nerves in your fingers and hands and you could have done some nerve or muscle damage. tell him that until its healed to try and keep that hand has dry has possible.if you see signs and symptoms of infection(warmth,redness, swelling, or discharge) go to the doctors and get an antibiotic .linda

  2. Fr.s P&G; This was a great post. Your getting better all the time. Fr. Greg so sorry about your accident. This is one of the reasons that we try to keep men out of the kitchen. I think any chef watching me pare veggies such as onions in my hand with a sharp knife would disapprove, however in my culture we learn this method from our mothers and grandmothers early on. "Experience" is the keyword. Fr. P described the way I learned to separate frozen items. Another way is on defrost in your microwave, that is if your using the whole amount. Wax paper in between, before freezing can be helpful. Sometimes I use the cold water bath method. Their are a lot of tricks to the trade. (Let me be the first to say this, some people cannot afford the cost of abstaining). Vegetables and fruits as well as cheese and nuts can be more expensive than meat. Fr. P. since you say you don't eat meat, what do you live on that is affordable besides rice and noodles? What is that doing to your health? Sharing recipes is fun. I found a great way to make scrambled eggs by substituting mild to medium organic salsa instead of ketchup or a hot sauce. Served in the evening, with a cheesy topping on lettuce with bread, makes a quick and healthy dinner. Those who are concerned with their colesterol can use every other yolk. Some people use soy and that okay for some however, recently heard the sperm count in males is deminished. (If your one who is concerned about those things.) Fr. P could listen to you all day, you have a great sounding and soothing voice.

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