Hummus Recipe

Okay I just bought a food processor and made this quick and easy recipe. The original recipes comes from the book, When We Fast. This is a great recipe book and also has a list of what one should have in their pantry for the season. Here is the recipe. I will add some comments at the end.
1 15 oz can of chick peas (drain and reserve water)
1 to 4 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp lemon juice
Fit the food processor with the metal blade. With the machine running drop the garlic cloves in. (I did not do this step I cheated and bought already minced up) Stop the machine and add the chick peas. Process for a minute or two then add the salt and lemon juice. Add the reserved water until the desired consistency is reached. Put the in fridge and chill for one hour before serving.

Now I used olive oil and it has a very different taste. If you are fasting from oil use the bean water in place of the oil.


  1. Thank you father, I can’t buy hummus in my little southern town, I have to buy in on trips to the big city. This sounds great.

  2. Oh my ! That sounds wonderful 🙂

    How are you enjoying Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love ?
    I did my undergraduate dissertation on the book, before I became Orthodox, and I retain a great fondness for Julian. Even visited her shrine in Norwich a few years back.

  3. Some of us have concerns about canned goods due to the amount of salt used in processing. (Are chick peas available fresh or frozen?) All canned items I use must be rinsed under cold water in a colendar. No salt added also. Otherwise I’ve heard the word tahini added sometimes what is that, where do we get it. Wonder also how many carbs? How much is a serving. Is this a meal or a side dish? Does it keep well, can you freeze? Just wondering…Marie

  4. Elizabeth,

    I am trying to keep focused on this book it is not an easy read and I get distracted easy. I hope to read more but so far I like what I am reading.

  5. Anon,

    I wash all canned beans before I use them. Being canned up is not good for them and think washing them off is not a bad thing. You can buy dried chick peas and then cook them and use them or just wash them off and don’t use th eliwuid in the recipe. Tahini is the substance that is added to Hummus and as was pointed out to me, makes Hummus Hummus. Should be available in the grocery store or maybe a health food store. Anyone have other thoughts?

  6. Thanks Fr. P. for your reply. Now besides rolled sauerkraut cabbage, pita’s, eggplant, I can add to my lunch your hummus on romaine lettuce with a four-bean and potato salad, with tomatoes or blk olives. Picked blueberries today and am looking forward to making pie, wondered if any southern people can help me with the term grenadine syrup. Do we have such a thing around here? Anon

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