John Adams

I just finished watching the HBO mini series John Adams based on the book by the same name. I have to say it was masterfully done and I am glad I was able to watch it. I grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts a stones throw from the Adam’s houses and never spent much time there. I guess that is always the way we never see what is right in front of us. Anyway I was amazed by how the founding father’s felt about what they were creating and how apprehensive Adams was to break away from England. It was not until the law was violated that he felt it was his duty to protest. And protest they did. I was also amazed by the way Washington and Adams felt about political parties they were against them. In fact Washington was quoted as saying political parties would divide the country. Well… I also like the fact that those nominated for high office did not campaign they felt that was beneath them.

Anyway a very good series and I would recommend it highly for your viewing pleasure.


  1. back then the person who ran against you for president and lost became the vice president also they took no pay for the job, they considered it an honor and civic duty. my how times have changed. anne

  2. Adams was a popular name in the Bay State and your right about not “seeing things” right under your nose. One of the best kept secrets and just a stones throw away from where I am in the last green valley, is the location of James Capen Adams,(1807-1860), grave of Grizzly Adams, (Bay Path Cemetery). Known to have befriended or killed bears. Born in Charlton, MA. The new series sounds interesting.

  3. We don’t get the HBO network so unfortunately we’ll miss out. Sounds good though and I imagine even more exciting being that he was from your own hometown.

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