Lambeth Conference

Well I do not usually comment on things going on in other churches but I thought I would comment on the Lambeth Conference in the Anglican Communion. This is the once every 10 years gathering at Canterbury Cathedral in England. Almost all of the bishops in the communion have been invited and I understand there are about 650 of them with another 200 or so that did not go for various reasons.

One of the interesting if not disturbing points is that some bishops have come from Africa against the wishes of their, I guess the term is, provincial. They have come to join their brothers and sisters but may face retribution when they return. So bad is it that they have changed the way to procession on Sunday will be done. Usually the bishops process by province, but this year they will not so it is harder to identify who is there. How nice! They will know we are Christians by our love.


  1. Because they think the rest of us are unclean. So, you know, it’s good to stay pure! From a distance they are offering pronouncements about how messed up the rest of us are.

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