Middle of the Year

Well I am back in the office today trying to make some sense out of all the mail and catching up on the work going on around the church. Things have been busy whilst I was away. It is nice to see the folk of the church getting involved again. The ladies of the parish have planted a little garden on one side of the rectory it is beautiful and I think I will be spending some time out there relaxing and doing some writing this summer.

As the title suggests today is the middle of the year. We are now on the other side heading towards all of the hustle and bustle of the coming season. Let us try and not rush things this year and get tied up in all the stuff that goes along with the holidays.

I am working on several projects and essays for the blog and other things that I will post soon, and I also realized that I have not been keeping up with the Scottish saints so that will begin again as well. I am also way behind on podcasts so look for one of those coming soon as well.

As I posted this morning in an article from Zenit, the Ecumenical Patriarch is calling on us Orthodox to pray for the Pope during this Pauline Year. I think this is a wonderful thing for us to do, and I wonder if we can work him in to the litanies during the liturgy somewhere. This will take some thought.

This weekend my diocese gathers for the semi-annual congress of the diocese. Many things will be discussed one of which is a proposal for unity with the other Romanian Diocese in the US. This is a big step and one that will change the face of Orthodoxy in the US if it goes through. We have been down this road before so I approach very slowly to see what will happen. I will try and post some thoughts on that as well as the weekend progresses.


  1. We are praying for Romanian unity. A very important happening for the church. God grant that the Holy Spirit will bring us all together in peace.

  2. Whenever Metr. Methodios presides at an Orthodox service where a Catholic bishop is present (which happens at least several times a year), he has his deacon commemorate the Catholic bishop as well as our brethren in the Catholic church and the church itself during the petitions. It is a spine-tingling moment. Fr G

  3. I think the time has come for us to do this. He regard HIs Holiness as the Patriarch of the West so why not? I know we are not in communion and all that but the time has come.

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