A few days off

So here I am ensconced at my parent’s house, with Onchu, enjoying life. I have watched Nuns on the Run and one episode of Band of Brothers. Don’t why I just like Nuns on the Run it is a fun movie.

Tonight is an episode of Big Brother and other stuff. Tomorrow I plan, well nothing planned just relaxing and will be back in the office on Tuesday. I continue to track Gustav and keep praying.


  1. Fr. P.: Gustav is a powerful monster. We’re all praying for our USA people. It is hard to understand why? Why all the suffering? Maybe you can shed some light on this as we all know you have had your fair share/Marie

  2. Fr. P.: Nuns on the run from what? I thought I’d be a nun when I grew up. I know now I wouldn’t have been a good one. God’s will not mine. Speaking of on the run, I watched “The Sound of Music,” yesterday, and the novice (I think) ran away from the captain and seven children. Now that is a reason to run. Sometimes you can’t run away from things. Sounds like good entertainment.

  3. Marie,

    This is a simple answer to a very hard question. Suffering is due to sin and not caused by God. I will need to put more flesh on these bones but that is a start.

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