1. Thats easy Fr. P. your more like Bob Hope, the funny one. Always clowning around but crying on the inside. Your friends feel and share your pain. Praying for your broken heartedness.

  2. good pod cast. i know fr.gregg was disappointed over the fact that when you had turned in your cardiac monitor it had not been read by the time you re entered the hospital a second time. the strips from these monitors have to be read by a cardiologist.they require precise measurements every up and down line and their spaces all mean something. most of these doctors have offices in several towns, do morning rounds in the hospital and can work up to 48 hours when its their on call weekends. i know that when we’re sick we all feel were the only ones with a problem but there are some very sick people out there.we are so lucky to live in this country where we have hospitals, doctors and all kinds of test and medicine in our towns,or not far away in another town, trust me there are many countries where people walk for days to see a doctor and this person may only be there once a week because he’s working at multiple place through out the country sides.linda

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