More on Jurisdictions

I am trying to get this post in before I have to dash off to a faculty meeting so it may not be complete.

My friend Huw has commented on my post about the jurisidicitonal squabble going on in the Orthodox Church. He makes this point toward the end of his posting:

And yes, I think the internet needs to keep holding the mirror up: and if we can’t start acting like adults… then we deserve to be grilled about it on judgement day.

I cannot agree with him more! What I was trying to do was point out that we are as crazy as everyone else. We are very arrogant as Orthodox and we need to understand that we are just like the rest of the crazy people known as Christians, and you know what, that is okay! It’s okay to be a little off but it is not okay to think we are somehow pure whilst everyone else is not.

Bishops power grab, yes we have gay clergy and dare I say a gay bishop or two, women read the Epistle and chant, I know they do at my church, and we are just broken people in search of something. That something is the love of Jesus Christ and that is all we need to be concerned about.

As I have said before if we can just love one another all the rest of this crap will work itself out. Put down the catechism and just love your neighbor!

Okay off to the meeting!
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