Radical Living

I started this blog a few years ago to explore what I called urban monasticism where people from all walks of life would live under one roof, married, single, gay, straight, man, woman, dog, cat, etc. and live the radical message of the gospel.
Now I am usually a little slow on the uptake here and I have just stumbled across this website of a community in Brooklyn doing just what I was thinking about. We need more of this type of community in our cities and we need more radical Christians to strike out and take our world back.

Check out Radical Living.

UPDATE: I just found another group called the New Monasticism.


  1. Fr. P.: Interesting! Good if it works for them. For me, I would snore them to death. All my quirky habbits would surely drive them crazy. Just think of sharing the bathroom with all those people. Someone always gets stuck with the dirty work. (The same ones). The lonliness would drive me crazy,(you can be lonely in a crowd of people). There are some of my own relatives I couldn’t live with. If they can do it more power to them. For me, God in his wisdom has given me the space I need while still doing for others. Their are only a few of the people I attend church with that I would care to live with. Its too radical for me.

  2. are there examples in the orthodox world of these sorts of loose associations of folks – excluding new skete?

  3. Well I am not sure you could put New Skete in the same category as these folks. I also do not think there are many examples of this type of community in the Orthodox Church, but I could be wrong. This is one of the reasons I began this blog was to try and see if there was any interest in this type of community.

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