1. Fr. P: The bucket list is an interesting idea. I do not have any want to dos and maybe that is abnormal. I don’t think about myself or my future much. Maybe it is determined by the way you are raised. I do however agree with you that people you love should hear it. Men usually are the one that don’t say it enough. Women need to hear it more, in the end though, actions speak louder than words. And, we women know. I like the movie “Ghost” and the ditto part./Marie

  2. good pod cast fr. i think what i would tell race is that its more important to live you faith then worry about how intollerant people are toward religion. if you are kind to others help when you can read the bible and pray for those who are non believers people tend to come around. i can not tell you the number of people i work with who will say to me “you always seem so calm and tranquil, things don’t seem to upset you why?”at that point people are starting to open up and be serious. ghondi said if christians lived their religion the way Jesus taught it then there would be no need for any other religion. ann

  3. Fr. P I think Ann has something here, and I feel likewise. In the end living your faith is having a personal relationship with God, through prayer and fasting and mostly listening in your heart discerning His will. People will always have plenty to say about what others think or do, judging everyone but not looking at themselves. You have to be true to your own path. That is not always easy. It may require change. Focus on His will for you without hurting anyone else. He holds the masterplan that we trust in. Marie

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