Well if you follow me on twitter, plurk, or Facebook you know that I spent a few hours in hospital yesterday. I had a little heart thing going on and I don’t like to mess with that stuff so I checked in to see what was going on. All is well and I am wearing a heart monitor for the day.

I guess this is what happens when when gets older. Although I was just talking to my mother and she told my that my father, who is 75, is no longer on any medication. A year ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and he went nuts and lost all kinds of weight and really looks good. And now, no medication. Keep up the good work Dad!

So I am thinking of some sort of exercise program. I think we can all be in better shape then most of us are and I think we all can do a little something, walking maybe or anything. I will give this some thought and maybe we can do something together.

Oh well on with the day!


  1. Fr. P.: Walking is a proven exercise. I love walking by the ocean, or where there are no mosquitoes, (they eat me alive). Hills help but not when it is hot and humid. Winter is another story. Great at any age, best with a companion. Less boring and a commitment will guarantee success. Great idea! Right Anne?

  2. Fr Peter, bless !

    Father, it is well worth getting these things checked out. Some conditions require medication to prevent further problems developing.
    Let us know how things go.
    My prayers for a speedy resolution to the health issues 🙂

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