1. Fr P.: You are the first priest that has asked his congregation as far as I know, to keep the Transfiguration/Dormition fast. Other priests have only required that we keep the Christmas/lenten abstinence. Why should their be different points of view coming from Orthodox Churches on this subject? We are amazed about the oils also. Speaking about the Communion fast, it was just no food or drink from mid-night. (Exception was medication taking). This is the first I hear about meat and dairy after Saturday Vespers. Maybe because their are no longer vespers around here. Seems monastics have a different perspective quite different from the church community that I am familiar with. Or perhaps, many of the older practices have fallen by the way side? Is it designed to bring about feelings of quilt? I’m tired of being weighed down by the world, I need to be uplifted.

  2. during western lent i was watching a show on ewtn and two priest were talking about fasting and one of them said if you you are having a tough time fasting on a certain day go out of you way to do something good and offer it up to God also he said try to eat or drink something you would not normally eat or drink because you don’t like it and offer that up to God. anne

  3. Anon,

    I am not asking my congregation to fast i provide the informaiton and let them make up their own mind. Most of them are adults and can do this without input from me.

    Some of my priest bretheren want to control everything their people do. I say hold the egg lightly or it will break.

  4. Your comment Fr. peter is probably what Jesus would say, and that compassion is what makes you an outstanding priest. Its the love coming across once again.

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