Where have I been?

Well this was a weekend to forget for sure. If you follow me on twitter you know that I was in hospital Sunday and Monday. I was taken by Ambulance, from the church, Sunday morning before Liturgy. I was having a little cardiac issue and thought I should go and have it checked out. Don’t want to mess with the old ticker!

So off I went and was stuck with all sorts of needles and had all sorts of tests only to discover that I am under stress. Well I could have told you that, what priest is not under stress? So I need to find ways to deal with the stress and not let it bother me. I also need to lose weight and exercise more. Talk about stress! Just thinking about exercise makes me want to go back to hospital.

So I have been home since Monday afternoon and have been laying low, well sort of low. I had a full day yesterday but managed to enjoy myself along the way. We have a golf tournament coming up and I was running some errands for that as well as a few hospital visits.

I went to see the daughter of a parishioner of mine who just had a baby boy. The amazing thing about this is that it is the first birth since I have been here. The other amazing thing is that he begins the fifth generation of people in the church. Five generations… WOW!

So I am on this smoothie kick now. I have just discovered this wonderful thing. Seems like I am always the last to figure this stuff out but none the less I am blending all sorts of things now. It seems a bit strange to have the blender out and not have any rum around. Well maybe latter on tonight I will who knows what the day holds.

I also went to the farm stand yesterday and purchased all sorts of things that grow out of the ground. So I am trying to eat healthier and we shall see how long that lasts.

Well on with the day.


  1. glad to hear your feeling better. stress is a funny thing to much is not good for you and to little is also not good for you. try to find an exercise you like to do .some times i walk with my head phones and music on. it makes me forget why im stressed. also remember that it does not all sit on your shoulders you need to give it up to God and let him have it and deal with it(really deal with it, don’t take it back and worry agin)this is very hard especially if you are some one who needs to feel in control.even Jesus had to get away to deal with all his problems, so if he had to do this what does that tell us we have to do. anne

  2. Those of us who are not exercise freeks know what a suffering it is daily to force yourself out there doing your thing. I’ve found setting counts and well as music to accompany me, adding some interest and the time just slips away. I break it up 10 mins. here and 10 mins. there, it all counts. I stay from smoothies, like them too much, especially strawberry. Its easy to load on the pounds that way. Instead, I use alot of ice, and water everything down, using splenda when needed. Avoid places that serve food, especially fryed. Add fiber to fill you up. Eat apple peels. Drink tea to relax with honey. Do not eat late in the day. Nothing at night. Food can be addictive. Smaller portions eaten more often work best. Too much weight places unnecessary pressure on the heart and that alone causes stress, not even considering all the other factors. We’ll keep you in our prayers. Don’t worry be happy.

  3. I am very sorry to hear of your trip to the hospital’s heart shop. I suspect that aside from some worldly stress, your heart is calm in the heavenly places.

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