Facing East Follow up

I forgot to post this yesterday.

In the recent cast we talk about the five most influential people in history. We ask the listeners of the cast to list their five here on my blog or over on Fr. Greg’s blog. We think of influence in a good way but not really. We talk about Adolph Hitler and Genghis Khan as examples of influential people in a not so good way.

So who are your? List away.


  1. Fr. P.: Five of mine are: Walt Disney, Nostradamus, Peter Tchaikovsky,Jonn Chapman(Johnny Appleseed), and Sir Alexander Fleming. At least three of the one’s you already mentioned as well/Marie

  2. here are my 5 most influencal people:
    lister(who discovered germs cause diseases and what helps to eleminate them),julies ceasar (for helping to establish a senate and early democratic rule),st.paul(for giving the religion of christ to the gentle world through his teachings and writings),constantine (for making the christian religion acceptable to the world)and tesslor for discovering alternating current allowing us to have electricity has we know it.anne

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