Republican Convention

To start with I fell asleep before Gov Palin’s speech last night so I cannot comment on it but by accounts she did a good job and introduced herself well to the world.

One comment I will make. I was flipping around the channels whilst watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and I turned on Cspan. I like to watch the conventions on Cspan because they do not have any talking heads telling you what the speaks just said like we are stupid and cannot figure it out for ourselves. Anyway there was a break in action and they were scanning the crowd. Music was playing in the background and people were dancing. Every person they showed was trying to sing but they did not know the words, and I am not sure if the same song was playing in the convention hall that we were listening too but man those people cannot dance! I don’t know I just thought it was funny.

So tonight Sen. McCain makes his speech. I will try and stay awake to hear it. I am also going to try and find a clip of Gov. Palin’s speech, I have seen the text but I would like to hear it in her own words.

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