Motherhood & Politics

I have to start from the very beginning by saying I am not a woman and I have no children but the nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin as VP has brought this question to the fore. Why do we treat women in politics different than men?

Barack Obama has two daughters, George Bush had two daughters and by all accounts they were wild ones, Bill Clinton had a daughter and on and on and on. So why are we asking questions about Sarah Palin’s ability to do the job of VP while raising her family? Why is it that we were all over former Gov. Jane Swift of Massachusetts who gave birth whilst in office and some called her a bad mother for working.

As far as I know all of the people mentioned had a partner of some sort to help them out and as far as I know marriage is a partnership. Now not being married I could be wrong so please tell me. The VP’s only job is to have a pulse and break ties in the Senate unless the President gives her more to do. John Adams wrote that the one mistake they framers made was the position of Vice President.

I think time has come in this country that we begin to treat everyone the same no matter what you do at home. Why is it that we feel that the private lives of people running for office is any of our business. I am concerned about what they say as professionals and not what they do when they get home. We are in a mess in this country and if we start to hold our leaders to a higher standard we are going to be disappointed. We are all broken people and we all have done things in our pasts that we would rather not have dragged out into the open. And as I said yesterday, families are off limits. Ask Gov Palin how she plans to help Sen McCain if elected. Ask Barack Obama how he plans to solve the problems we have. Who gives a rats butt about what weather he does the dishes after supper or how he raises his children. Do you ask your plumber about his marriage or weather his children have children without being married?

If your decision to vote for someone is based on how they raise their children or what their children do I would rather you stay home on election day and leave the election to people who care about important issues.


  1. i think for what ever reason woman are expected to be all things to all people. if a person is compatent and can do her job then her home life is off limits. (the only time i think someones home life should come into play is if the person is a child molester or something really bad.)
    its no wonder no that good people don’t want to run for offices.if the other side dosen’t like you they’ll go interview your kidnergarden teacher if they can dig up some dirt on you. who wants to put they’re whole lifes history out in the public for a job. the last perfect person died over 2000 years ago and they tried to dig up dirt on him too. anne

  2. Fr. P.: Some women are content to stay at home and that’s okay. Others cannot afford to given their financial disposition. My mom worked all her life, raised five children, almost singlehandedly. I worked most of my life, raising two. It is a personal decision, not political. If she can and do a great job, which seems to be apparent, more power to her. Of course, all must help and it should be a family decision as well./Marie

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