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  1. Fr. P.: Thanks for providing great podcasts which help us to see ourselves and reflect the gospel message. The fact is that most of us are cowards. I think that it was exceptional for Peter to step out of that boat,(even though he was a man of thunder, of large stature and an experienced fisherman). Later we see him denying Christ and sinking once more. I’d would have been one of the eleven. Jesus would have had to carry me just as my dad did during the flood. We hear the voice of Jesus within, and see the result of our answered prayers. Still we are afraid. As I sat on the rocky edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the tide started to come in. As the water came closer and higher I felt afraid. I think if that rock were the boat, I would not even go near the edge. Only perfect love casts out all fear, and what Peter accomplished by stepping out of the boad was truly bold and he didn’t do it alone. Marie

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