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I will never understand this topic one bit. Okay the economy is going down the tubes fast and the only plan that our leaders seem to be able to come up with is to throw money at it! And it also seems that the leaders of these financial institutions that got us into this trouble will walk away with millions in severance packages. I don’t believe that the government should bail out private organizations at the peril of the American people. Who is going to pay the 700 billion to bail these fools out? I guess it will be us.

How are we going to learn if we do not take a hit? I am not relishing another depression but I think we need to take responsibility for what has happened. We cannot keep spending beyond our means. I am wondering if my church cannot pay it’s fuel bill this winter will the government bail me out?

The oil situation is another problem. Why is it that the only solution w can come up with is to drill for more oil? How about using less. Let us try to walk somewhere or maybe get rid of the urban assault vehicles that get like 5 miles to the gallon and drive something a bit more economical. We are doing ourselves in and before long the payment is going to come due and we are not going to have the money to pay and then the real trouble will begin. We as Americans need to be a bit less greedy and change our way of thinking that the big house and the big car will make us happy. Live within your means and life will be fine. “Thou shalt not covet your neighbors ass”. In other words don’t covet what your neighbor has be thankful for what you have!

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  1. Fr. P.: It is called Idolatry. The age of materialism. (None of it follows behind your hurst in a uhaul). Yet these things have taken priority over God and loved ones.
    We are going to have to bail out those who have made poor decisions, because, we have no choice. Spending beyond their means,its the give me generation. Don’t we owe everyone everything? Just watch the political arena. They’ll tell you. We’ll give it all to you.
    My opinion is that the government should go after those who have profited at the expense of others weakening this great nation.
    When will we learn you ask? Unfortunately, when we go down. We live in a economically poor area and we will suffer a lot more than those whos incomes may weather the storm.

    Don’t worry money is only paper. We still have that which counts, family and friends that love each other.

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