Death Penalty

I have never been a fan of the death penalty espeically when there is some doubt about the guilt of the person about to be executed. I believe we have evolved as a people to a point where we do not need to kill people no matter what they have done. As a church we belileve in reconciliation and forgiveness. If we kill someone then we kill their chance to repent for what they have done.

There is a case in Georgia right now where the guilt of the individual involved is in question. Please visit the website of Amnesty International for more informaiton. If you believe that the government has the right to kill people in your name then please don’t waste anytime leaving comments here surf right on by. I thank you in advance.


  1. iam both agianst and in favor of the death penalty.for most people if they put them in jail forever and never let them out again, like charles manson, i don’t have a problem with life in prison. but someone like a serial killer who rapes and tourtures the victums they kill and then continues to enjoy the killing i’m afraid i lean toward the death penalty especially when children are involved.anne

  2. Fr. P.: Is this really America? I wonder lately. Anyone can be framed, its been proven over and over again. I will pray for this man.

  3. I will not debate the morality of the death penalty with you. Rather, if you knew the day and time of your demise, you have the pefect opportunity to make your peace with the world and confess your sins and ask God’s forgivenessand absolution.

    Like the person who is told that he has a terminal disease he (she) has the chance to get right with God.

    The person who walks across the street and is struck by a bus has no chance to confess his sins. It was his time? same difference here.

    Any loss of life prior to its natural conclusion is tragic. The chance to ask for forgiveness is not afforded all and in this case if a stay is not granted I hope the man has taken the time to ask for and receive God’s forgiveness. JohnnyG

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