Loon Mountain Part III

Well the weekend was wonderful and we are packing up to return home today, traveling prayers please.

The weather was the best weather we have had since 1997 here on the mountain. Usually it rains one day or the winds are so strong that our tents blow all over the place. For those of you who have never been to a highland festival before here is how it goes.

There are vendors who hawk all kinds of Scottish and Celtic stuff. You can buy your kilt and all thier supplies that go with it. All sorts of Scottish food is also available. Then there is the Clan are where all of the Clans and Societies make their home. We all set up tents and speak to passers by about of Clan or Society. We also renew old friendships and make new ones. We usually travel with the same people and set up near by so it is good to see everyone again.

Opening ceremonies where all the clans march on the field with their tartan flags and it is a great parade. My Facebook page has all the pics of the opening ceremony on it.

So the festival season is coming to a close. There is two more in Connecticut in October but we usually do not go to these festivals. Now we finish packing and start the journey home.

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