Debate Follow-up

So I watched the entire thing and my statement about it not changing any minds I think holds true. I am not sure how Palin’s folksy way will play with the mainstream sometimes she comes off as not really having a clue. They both did a good job and did a good job a dodging the questions they really did not like. They did look at each other and engage each other in contrast to what was done last week.

The independent bipartisan has done some fact checking on the debate last night. Seems they both were doing some… hmmm what shall I call it… exaggerating of the positions of themselves and the other guy. Be sure to read it here.

So now we move toward the top of the ticket debate on Tuesday night. Less then a month to go before it is all over, well for this year anyway.

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  1. Fr. P.: Your comment was expected. I do not see her as clue-less, but intuitive, confident and feisty. She comes across, loving and caring. Anyone can be schooled on what to say, but what comes from the heart is, in the end, all that matters. The voters will speak.

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