House Votes Today

The plan from Washington moves to the House of Representatives for a vote today. The Speaker of the House has said she will only bring it to a vote if the votes are there to pass it. Not a bad plan if you ask me since the last time it failed to stock market dropped like a stone. Also good business to do this on Friday to give the markets the weekend to settle down before trading resumes on Monday.

We see another bank deal gone sour and another bank stepping in without a bailout from the Feds. I think if we give it time things will correct themselves all on their own without the Feds getting involved.

Unemployment figures are due out today as well and that does not look good. Looks like we are going to be at an all time high. Well simples times will be a head we just need to keep our wits and I think we will be fine. Live within your means and all will be well. Remember greed is a sin!


  1. I think you are right – the economy will correct itself, given time. It may hurt for awhile, though.

    This bill is atrocious, with its added pork. I’ve emailed and called Senators and Congressmen, but I don’t know if they’re really listening.

    May the Lord be merciful to us!

  2. arnold the govenator wants his state bailed out i guess he figures california is to big to fail. tell me when will it end? when we become a socialist country. anne

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