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  1. I agree, the polls are deceptive. When I cast my vote I will be thinking of the common good. Employers expenses are already high,to increase may ultimately result in job loss. People may have more tax money, but having no job will they be better off? Taxing during a recessive period, historically, has not proven beneficial.I live in a small town that once employed 6,000 people, then, it was outsourced, to try to hold on to the company by cutting expenses. After closing those branches, work was brought back to this area. (They employ few people now and have sold the business several times). Bottom line, they will make a profit, sell or close altogether. Putting the burden on the already taxed burdened will spell, Joblessness.I remember a slogan, which applies..Do Not Bite off the hand that feeds you. I don’t think 40% is too bad, considering that many registered elderly people do not vote. Who knows, maybe they’ll be surprised.

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