Today is the Day

So it has arrived. For the past 18 months we have been inundated with political stuff and it is now our turn to cast our vote. It is up to us now to make the difference. By all accounts this will be a record setting day. There are reports from Ohio that people will be standing in line for more than an hour. This is a good thing. On the radio this morning it was reported that Connecticut is expecting a 90% turn out! Can anyone remember a 90% turn out?

Fr. Greg and I will be meeting about 12:30 for lunch and then a drive around podcast that I hope to get online right after depending on the editing and technical problems. We plan to drive to various towns in the area and see what is going on and talking about the election. We have very different views on voting and this should be interesting.

Tonight I will perform what has become a tradition. I will ensconce myself in front of the TV and watch the returns. I usually print a map and I color in the states, I know I am crazy but it is tradition!

I posted a prayer last week for the election and I will keep it at the top of the blog today. Pray it before going to cast your vote.

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