I have been silent since Tuesday night after my election live blogging. I am sure some of you are happy and some of you are not with the outcome of the election. I was going to write something about the election but so much has been written that I figured why bother. I posted something on Facebook the other night and asked if the liberals were filled with this much hate when George Bush was elected in 2000 I cannot remember all of this nonsense but I guess it did exist. I believe that we all need to pull together and make this country work. Will Obama do everything that we agree with, no but neither did President Bush. So where do we go from here? We just keep on doing what makes this country great. Think about it this way. In some countries people would have been killed on election day, and then the election would have just been called for whatever dictator was in favor. Think of all of the places where the people get no voice. I just ask that we tone down all of the rhetoric and get on with fixing this mess. As Orthodox we pray for the President of the United States, no matter who he or she is.

This weekend is our parish patronal feast. St. Michael’s feast day was actually yesterday but we transfer the feast to Sunday. We had a vesper service last night and today after liturgy we have a banquet. We are expecting about 70 people for lunch and the team that put it all together has done a great job. The folks from St. Nicholas Albanian Orthodox Church come to liturgy today and we will repay the visit for their feast day in a few weeks. It is nice when we are all able to worship together. I have struggled all week on the homily and I am not really pleased with what I have come up with. Maybe I will get a spark from the Holy Spirit at the last minute. One can only hope.


  1. Every sign on Bush street, in San Francisco was changed one night: on every corner overhead signs, sign posts and building corners. Each sign was printed in exactly the right colour ink, exactly the right font and exactly the right size to match the original.

    From Market Street out to the Pacific, nearly five miles…

    Must have cost a LOT of money to the artists (plus Truck Rental, and watching for the cops…) to rename “Bush St” to “Puppet St”

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