Let it Snow

UPDATE 12:20pm – We have decided to postpone our Family Christmas Celebration until next Sunday, December 28th.

I have just come in from being outside removing a little gift that was left on my doorstep this morning. SNOW! I have to admit I love the snow, I do not like to shovel it or drive in it but I love to watch it fall and see it on the ground. So we got about a foot here in the Village and everything looks so nice.
Now for the other shoe… We are expecting another 4-8 inches of the white stuff between now and Monday morning. The stuff that fall last night was very light and fluffy and easy to move however, the stuff that will fall tomorrow will be a little heavy and not so easy to move. Thankfully we have a snow blower here at the church so it makes the job easy.

So the big question of the day is what do we do about the church family Christmas party scheduled for tomorrow? I guess we wait and see what happens. Stay tuned to these pages and the parish website at http://www.stmichaelorth.org/ for information regarding cancellations.

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