Community Gardens

Last week on my radio program, Father Peter Live, we talked about starting a community garden here at the church. I think that in this climate that we find ourselves in we need to do all we can to assist each other. We have this large parcel of land here at the church for for the most part goes unused during the year.

A community garden would be a good idea to help each other. We would volunteer to work side by side, share in the labor, and then share in the reward. This is not a wild and new idea but one I would like to have a further discussion about. Anyone else interested in this idea?


  1. All I can think of is, Henny Penny. Have you ever read the book? It’s a story about growning the wheat. Unfortunately very true to life.

  2. Works for us, here in B’lo. But we’re a bunch of hippies.

    Community gardens usually are where each member is assigned a plot in the garden and can do what they wish in that plot. They also get the harvest of that plot (not a share of the community harvest). I’ve seen such gardens work in SF – and have worked for a long time. But some folks grow veggies and others flowers and other weeds. (These last get voted off the island.)

    You’re suggesting a sort of kibutz, also good, but more socialistic. “Put in 4 hours a week and get a share at the end”. Getting that kind of commitment can be like getting bloggers to read a book together.

    I’d suggest doing the individual plot form first. Maybe next year you’ll have some good hippies.

  3. I think this is a good idea but it requires all people who are willing to do this put in the time and labor not just a few people do the work and every one reaps the benefits.lindaq

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