Massachusetts among least religious states

Massachusetts is tied with Maine for the position of the third-least religious state in the nation, according to a new analysis by Gallup.

The analysis, based on 350,000 interviews, concludes that Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts are the only states in the nation where fewer than half of the residents say that religion is an important part of their daily lives. Here’s the data:


  1. Does that surprise you father, it doesn’t surprise me. Just think about it. Makes me wonder why? What is you take on it?

  2. Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are the least religious states in the U.S., according to a new analysis by Gallup. I believe the lack of religious interest in the Northeastern United States is due to the fact that the intellectual climate of this area — with its many superb universities — has had an impact on its residents. Religion is not an important part of these residents’ daily lives, because they are using all of their time and effort to make the “almighty dollar!”

  3. in some ways its the churches and the parishioners fault because they have not gone out of their to set up groups in the college areas and schools. we try to make students think its all about be intellectual and sprituality takes the back seat.shame on us.linda

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