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I find it interesting the the Conservatives always blame the media for everything that goes wrong. I should say they blame the liberal media.

The vast majority of radio talk programs are hosted by conservatives. And the current statistic out there is that 90% of people over 12 will listen to the radio. The demographic of people who listen to talk radio is 40-70, white, upper middle class. Newspapers and news magazines, like Time and Newsweek, are laying people off left and right as they cannot compete with the Internet.

So with this being the case it would seem to me that the media, for the most part, is conservative. So I do not see how the media can be blamed for all of this. Perhaps the print media is biased but I think it just makes things “fair and balanced” with talk radio.

Just some thoughts.


  1. I agree that radio leans conservative, but most people do not get their news from radio they get it from TV, newspapers and the internet. (Where do you get your news?)

    The issue isn’t so much that the media is liberal, but rather that the media reports a narrative, the spin on the story they want you to adopt. What they fail to realize that their job is to report facts – even the ones they personally don’t like, so the reader, or watcher can make an informed decision.

    The mainstream media has an interest in getting you to believe what they believe. Nothing was more apparent in the last election cycle. That will come back to haunt a free country.

  2. to be truely informed one must have both sides of an argument,this allows you to see the pros and cons of both sides and make an informed decision any thing other then this is not good news reporting,I personaly do not care what the guy telling me the news personal opion is, i care what the news is, both good and bad,then let me form my own opinon.linda

  3. Linda,

    Agree that we must be informed on both sides of the issue however I disagree about not caring about what the reported has to say.

    As human beings we are unable to say anything that is not influenced by how we feel about something. Everything influences us, good or bad, and that comes through. Is the media biased yes, all the media is biased there is not one media outlet that reports the news without comment. Whay would they do that it would be boring.

    A point was made on the raido last night about Rush L who I have little or no respect for. his main job is to sell products. All of us in the media, and yes I am including myself in that, are salesmen. We sell whatever our advertisers wish us to sell that is why the advertise on the show. So we report the news and selll products. It has and always will be that way.

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