Was Jesus a Liberal?

I have often asked this question and I think about it often. I don’t think we can take the current 21st Century meaning of these words and try and fix them to ancient persons but I think this post does a pretty good job of it.
To be Liberal is to Trust

I think this hits the nail right on the head. Now these are not my words but I do agree with them so be kind in your comments toward me. If you wish to flame someone leave the comments on his blog. Don’t shoot the messenger… LOL

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  1. George Patsourakos
    With respect to the question, “Was Jesus a Liberal?” I would have to say He was not; neither was He a Conservative. Perhaps the best way to describe Jesus’s ideology would be to view Him as an Eclectic. In other words, Jesus used the most appropriate ideology with regard to each situation that He addressed — regardless whether that ideology was Liberal, Conservative, or Moderate!

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